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Plaudits for Mr. Banov as a Mediator

In 2004 Wallace Meissner, then Civil Training Manager of the Superior Court's Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division applauded Mr. Banov's mediation techniques in a mediation.

He set down these observations:

"Very good [introduction], especially in disclosing his personal style ('I'm an aggressive mediator') and emphasizing self-determination ('I'll be as candid as you want me to be.').

Great at clarifying the complications inevitable in a 'simple' case."

With regard to generating options and reality-testing:

"Excellent. Kept a flexible and open-ended group of options in play, without narrowing possibilities unnecessarily. Superb reality-testing with both sides, even when challenged."

On time and strategy:

"Very skillful. Had a nice touch, kept things moving, didn't rush, maintained optimistic outlook, stayed with it."


""A very comfortable, self-assured and poised performance.

A very impressive performance. Stayed with these parties persistently, patiently, sometimes doggedly, but with unswerving neutrality and a keep-the-momentum-going pace. Very brass tacks. Helped each side see and appreciate what the other side's shoes felt like.

Superb at clarifying specific authority given. Very careful. Handled an occasionally testy and argumentative attorney gracefully and with the kind of mediator's thick skin that deflects unpleasantness and doesn't take it personally.

Pushed, when and as appropriate and necessary (e.g., phone call for authority). Good presentation of understandably disappointing offer. Shared good news well.

Candid, straightforward, occasionally blunt style. Forthright, dispassionate, patient, natural."

After Mr. Banov helped the parties settle the first employment case which the Superior Court assigned him to mediate, the plaintiffs' lawyer wrote Mr. Banov: "Thank you again for your help yesterday in resolving the * * * matter. You are providing an excellent service to the bar by volunteering to mediate."

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