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Sometimes Mediation can do more
for you than Litigation

Alan Banov, a member of the D.C. and Maryland Bars, is a very experienced mediator who can help you resolve your dispute yourself fairly, quickly, and less expensively than through litigation.

Why Alan Banov?

Mr. Banov is an experienced mediator and litigator who can see both sides of a conflict and has proven to be helpful in assisting parties to settle their civil court and administrative cases without litigation ("out of court").

He has been mediating for the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights (MCOHR) since 1994, and he has served as a mediator for the Superior Court of the District of Columbia since 1998. All of the cases at MCOHR have been discrimination cases - with allegations of employment, public accommodations, or realty discrimination. Some have produced payments to the complainants; others have been resolved by non-monetary relief.

After undergoing strenuous training, Mr. Banov became a mediator for Superior Court almost twenty years ago. He has mediated well over one hundred cases. Most involved personal injuries, but some have concerned breaches of contract, employment, and real estate issues. He has been successful in helping many litigants settle their disputes. The process of Mediation in Superior Court is described in relative detail at

Mr. Banov may use facilitative and evaluative techniques in assisting the parties understand the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments. If a party wants to know Mr. Banov's view of the case, he is not afraid to share it privately with the party. That sometimes helps a party realize that its claims or defenses may not be persuasive to a judge, commissioner or jury.

Alan Banov's Experience

Another reason why Mr. Banov can be an effective mediator, particularly in employment cases is that he has considerable experience and expertise in labor and employment law.

Between 1971 and 1979 he handled and litigated dozens of cases in the Office of the General Counsel at the National Labor Relations Board. In 1980 he started his own practice, focusing on employment and labor cases. While about 99% of his clients have been individual employees or groups of employees, on occasion, he has represented employers and unions as well. From his experience working in the Federal Government, where he represented both sides in litigation and from mediating discrimination cases, Mr. Banov has learned to recognize and understand each side's point of view, as well as any potential third side. (His grandfather used to say, “There are three sides to every issue – your side, my side, and the honorable right side.”)

Mr. Banov polishes his mediation skills by participating in mediation seminars each year.

Click here for a Resume detailing his in-depth experience in mediation and litigation.

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